We are now a member of the CCTA

Stop Go Networks (the company who operate Payday Pig) are now members of the CCTA (Consumer Credit Trade Association) – membership number CCTA983.

Becoming a member of the CCTA is more important now than it ever was, particularly in the current economic climate.  With the relentless barrage of new regulations and reforms that target the credit industry on a regular basis, the CCTA offer a strong lobby voice particularly for the stand alone business.

Following industry recognised Codes of Practice demonstrates our credibility and reliability to both customers and regulators.

In addition, the CCTA outline a Good Practice Customer Charter specifically relating to payday or short term loans. The charter includes carrying out appropriate assessments and credit vetting and explains in no nonsense terms to the customer, the type of information that was considered in reaching a decision.

The new directives will identify poor practice and give customers improved protection. Following through on these new rules will help eradicate malpractice and improve the reputation for the companies that do follow the charter.

Please click on the links below for further information and a detailed overview of the CCTA membership benefits.

Visit www.ccta.co.uk