2013 Customer Survey

In May 2013 we conducted a questionnaire of over 10,000 recent customers. From those that responded over 90% of people received their money within 24 hours.

Here are some of the things our customers have said about our service:

“There has been a lot of stigma surrounding payday loans of late and this and of cause can be somewhat off-putting at times. It can be difficult to know who to trust with so many lenders out there today but I’m glad to say that I made the choice for me! It’s great to know there is a provider I can trust! It was a simple and straight forward procedure and the costs were up-front and clear and I received my funds much sooner than anticipated. Thanks!” – Fiona F.

“A Very good, quick and efficient service” – Marc M.

“The service standard was good compared to other companies” – James W.

“The best thing about using the website is it’s simplicity” – Krista E.

“Quickness is the best thing about using the website” – Carole J.

“One of the responsible providers out there that provide help to those that truly need it and can afford to repay it” – Carl S.

“Really good and simple service” – Joseph G.