Recession has had a lasting impact on spending attitudes

The recession has had a permanent impact on the way people manage their money, according to a new poll. 

In a survey conducted by the Futures Company, more than half of the respondents claimed that they will never spend money are freely as they did before the recession hit. What's more, 58 per cent of those questioned agreed that the recession has changed global consumer culture forever.

Some might argue that these changes are for the best. According to, the poll indicated that consumers are half as likely to have unsecured debt as they were two years ago. Meanwhile, two thirds of the survey's respondents admit that they now think twice before making even the smallest purchases.

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In an interview with, Futures Company director Andrew Curry agreed that the recession has had a lasting impact on consumer attitudes.

He said: “The experience of living through the economic crisis appears to have had a significant effect on the way people think about spending and saving. The signs are that this will cause a lasting shift in consumer sentiment.”