More than three-quarters of Brits will ration their energy use this winter

More than three-quarters of British residents are planning to ration their energy use this winter in order to save money, according to a new poll.

In a survey conducted by uSwitch, respondents ranked energy bills as their biggest financial concern for the coming months.

The costs of gas and electricity ranked ahead of food prices, petrol prices and council tax in the list of Britons' greatest financial fears.

In an interview with, uSwitch's director of consumer policy, Ann Robinson, appeared unsurprised that so many Brits would be forced to use their energy sparingly.

She said: “When it comes to affordable energy the country is at crisis point. Consumers are being forced to turn down and switch off in an attempt to shield themselves from the impact of higher fuel bills.

“This winter we will be seeing even more going without adequate heating for fear of racking up a bill they cannot afford – this is the grim reality for many households in Britain today.” reports that the average UK heating bill will soon jump to