More parents struggling to pay for school uniforms

The amount of parents struggling to pay for their children's school uniforms has more than tripled in some areas of the UK. reports that more than 370 families have turned to a local charity in order to be able to afford a new piece of uniform for their child in the last year. 

Volunteers from the charity Wirral Fuss (Free Uniforms for Secondary Schools) admit they have been reduced to tears by the tales of some of the families they have helped out.

Yet, in some parts of the country, there are no charities to help out struggling families. Many might turn to a payday loan company in order to access the funds needed for a new blazer, trousers or a PE kit.

Education minister David Laws has tackled the subject of expensive school uniforms in a speech at the 2013 Liberal Democrat Conference.

According to, he promised to urge schools to shun branded uniform and single supplier contracts so that parents would be able to have more choice of  where they bought certain items.

This increased competition could potentially remove at least