Money problems are biggest fear for Northern Ireland residents

Money problems are the biggest worry for residents in Northern Ireland, according to a new survey.

In the latest edition of the National Lottery Good Causes Poll, 49 per cent of Northern Irish people cited debt fears as their biggest personal woe.

Sinead Campbell, who is a money project manager for Advice NI, was far from surprised to hear of these results.

In an interview with, she explained: “It has a knock-on effect onto personal lives, as well as mental and physical health. We have people coming in with worry on their faces, some break down in tears in their first interview or consultation.

“Some are out of their wits with worry, ready to hand back the keys to a house they can't afford and walk away. We can offer so many options so you know you don't have to face tough finances on your own.”

Thankfully, there are options out there for those struggling to pay their bills. For example, a payday loan can be used to get short-term access to the money needed to pay off overdue household charges.   

New figures released by Debt Action NI give a glimpse into the size of the country's personal debt problem. According to, the charity has helped 200 clients with combined debts of