Majority of Brits leave the heating off even when cold

Even if Brits feel cold, 64 per cent won't turn the heating on or up over fears that they won't be able to afford their bills, a new survey has revealed.

According to, the research conducted for shows that young people are worst off, as a huge 76 per cent would rather stay cold than have to pay expensive heating bills. Although over-55s are the least likely to avoid turning their heating up, 58 per cent still admit they leave it off. This is particularly worrying, since older people are more likely to become ill due to living in a cold house than their younger counterparts. In fact, 42 per cent of Brits are concerned that their elderly relatives may be living in cold conditions during the winter period.    

Sometimes it takes extreme temperatures in order to persuade people to turn the heating up, as 37 per cent won't touch their thermostat unless they feel very cold or freezing. Moreover, women are more likely than men to put up with being very cold or freezing, reports

Mark Todd, co-founder of, commented that the research's results are very worrying.   

“This research paints a very stark picture of the real issues arising from years of sharp energy price rises and the UK's poorly insulated homes,” he said. “Clearly millions of Britons are putting their health on the line as they fear that they cannot afford to heat their homes.”