Five books on budgeting that could change your life

Books delivering financial advice to people who spend beyond their means are currently flooding the bookshelves, but there are a handful of titles that stand out from the rest.

The prevalence of personal finance books has arguably worked against the everyday reader – after all, how are you to tell which out of the hundreds on the shelf will be worth your hard-earned cash? Well, long before you hit the library or bookstore in search of your gateway to frugality, you'll want to try conducting a spot of research into your possible selections.

Gather every recommendation you can and pinpoint the ones which focus on money-saving tips for living in Britain. As you begin your search for the personal finance bible, here are five highly regarded titles to get you started.

'The Only Budgeting Book You'll Ever Need' – Tere Stouffer

'The Only Budgeting Book You'll Ever Need' delivers a brave statement at the earliest possible opportunity but this doesn't make it any less true. Tere Stouffer's 250-page paperback is jam-packed with essential advice for helping you live the high life on a budget whilst including countless tips to help you stay on track with your saving goals.

It's not all about what's on the inside of the two covers, either. The book also includes a guide for free web tools that make saving as easy and comprehensive as possible, helping you create a visual portrait of your financial state.

'10,001 Ways To Live Large on a Small Budget' – The Writers of Wise Bread

Looking for something a little more digestible? Go for this title from the financial experts at The Writers of Wise Bread. Although some of the 10,001 tips do happen to focus on US financial regulations and laws for debt collection in the US, there are thousands of other pointers which apply to the everyday saver in Britain. Just don't try reading it all at once!

'The Total Money Makeover' – Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is something of a controversial figure in the world of personal finance due to him losing his multi-million pound empire to bankruptcy. However, he's made sure that you can learn from his mistakes in 'The Total Money Makeover'.

While money saving tips are the primary focus of Ramsey's best-seller, this one is also a highly entertaining read and full of stories leading up to the author's financial plight.

'The Wealthy Barber' – David Chilton

If you're after sound financial advice but can't deal with the ego-centric authors that deliver it, go with David Chilton's 'The Wealthy Barber'. Based on the story of a group of friends who meet once a month at their local barber shop, the book offers pearls of wisdom for saving, investing and buying assets in the guise of a novel.

'Wealth on a Minimal Wage' – James Steamer

Young adults take note – this is how you avoid debt and maximise your wages whilst you wait for that eagerly anticipated promotion. Insightful, engaging and highly positive, James Steamer's title may have been written in the late 90s but his money-saving tips are still relevant to this day.