Economic recovery not felt by vast majority of Brits

Despite the news that the economic recovery is now well under way, the vast majority of British voters don't feel the same, with many believing they won't see any of the benefits next year.

According to, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) survey found that only one in 50 voters think they will benefit from the economic recovery. This is despite the fact the government recently said the recovering economy will be slowly felt by everyone as conditions continue to improve in 2014.

In fact, only one in five voters believe the gains of the recovery will be evenly shared with everyone, showing there is little faith in the government or the recovery. Furthermore, most voters predict that the living standards crisis will continue in 2014, reports

Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary, said Brits are realising that the wealthy will likely see further tax cuts and growth in pay, whereas those at the bottom will be left with zero hours contracts and pay cuts.

“Our new poll is bad news for the government,” she explained. “Voters do not expect to benefit from the recovery next year, do not expect their wages to keep up with living costs and do not trust the government to spread the benefits of recovery fairly.”