Bella eats Payday Pig on YouTube

Someone has sent us in another “fan” references to Payday Pig found on the internet, this time on YouTube.  Here we see a video of Bella the dog eating a payday pig.  We would like to say no animals were injured in the making of this film…


PayDay Pig by BogBrush on Mixcloud

More “fan” material was spotted, this time some funky bass by BogBrush on Mixcloud.

Please get in touch BogBrush as we would love to show our appreciation…

Payday Pig on eBay


More “fan” references to Payday Pig when a Payday Pig figurine was offered on eBay.  It didn’t achieve any bids however!  If we had spotted it sooner we would have made sure it had reached its 99p minimum bid.